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WATCH: Moment Russian policeman kills man suspected of stabbing eight people in Surgut

A SIBERIAN policeman pursued and opened fire on a man suspected of going on a rampage on the streets of Surgut injuring eight people with a knife.

Distressing footage emerged allegedly showing a Siberian policeman shooting and killing a man suspected of stabbing eight people on the streets of Surgut, Russia.

The video shows a black-clad man running along the street before collapsing to the ground.

On Saturday morning an unnamed attacker injured eight people in the Russian city.

Russia - Video emerges of policeman allegedly shooting Surgut knifeman

Terror group Islamic State (ISIS) claimed the paternity of the attack but Russian police confirmed they are considering additional lines of inquiry.

According to the local police, the suspect was a 19-year-old local resident.

The Russian Investigative Committee (RIC) said: “Detectives are verifying information received about [the man’s] possible psychological issues.”

Svetlana Petrenko, the RIC spokesperson, explained: “We conducted a search in the man’s lodgings and we continue working to clarify the circumstances and reasons behind the attack.”

Russia has been repeatedly targeted by terrorist attacks inspired by Islamic extremism.

n April 2016, a young Kyrgyz-born Russian citizen blew himself up inside a station of the St Petersburg’s metro.

14 people died and dozens more were injured when 22-year-old Akbarzhon Jalilov turned himself into a weapon following his radicalisation by ISIS.

The day before the Surgut attack, a Moroccan immigrant killed two people and injured eight more during a knife attack in the city of Turku, Finland.

The 18-year-old was apprehended by the police after being shot in the legs.

He is understood to have been in Finland for a short period of time as part of the asylum process.


Source: express.co.uk

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